About Us


 Hi! My name is Jorden Little. I became a business owner at the age of 13 when I started my own jewelry business, Jorden's Jewelry Boutique, back in November, 2013. All of our unique designs are hand created by me or my associate, Designs by B., using quality materials. Before I started designing and creating jewelry, I enjoyed painting and selling my artwork at local events. Now I am continuing my artistic journey through my jewelry. The reason I started my own jewelry business is because I like working with different colors and shapes, then putting them together to see all the different products! I guess you could say that I've just always liked working with color. My vision for this business is for my customers to continue wearing and enjoying the jewelry I create. My goal is to become a more experienced entrepreneur and continue coming up with new ideas for my brand that will please my customers so they'll be excited about their next purchase. After all, women do love buying jewelry that they can wear for years to come. (We also create fabulous bracelets for men!) Thank you for visiting Jorden's Jewelry Boutique!